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Visit RTC right off the main Healdsburg square for a night of wine & entertainment.


Full black box productions featuring original works and social justice pieces.


Professional figure skaters and world competitors sharing fun seasonal shows. 


Studio projects featuring monologues, staged readings and original works.


Professional singers sharing virtual musical performances for every season. 

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Official Music Video projects featuring members from the RTC company. 


Local dancers from all over the Bay Area showcasing a variety of different dance styles. 

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FTA Productions (For The Art)

Working alongside bold brands and artists.


Hear about the RTC News and upcoming projects.


Redwood Theatre Company Articles & Reviews


Redwood Theatre Company Awards and Nominations

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"The Farce Awakens" Review

For All Events by Harry Duke

"The Redwood Theatre Company has impressed me in its short life for the energy and passion they bring to their productions. As one who has never succumbed to the cult of Star Wars, my expectations for their production of Brittany Law’s original musical parody The Farce Awakens were not high. I expected it to be a bunch of young folk in cheesy costumes with dime-store props saying silly things. That is EXACTLY what it was, and yet it was all delivered with such a sense of joy and fun that they won me over."


"Photograph 51" Review

For All Events by Harry Duke

"With that goal in mind, there are really only two questions to be answered. Is Photograph 51 a story worth telling and, most importantly, is it a story well told? The answer to both is yes."


SF Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle

"The Farce Awakens"

Unofficial Awards:​

RTC won the "Better than it had any right to be" Award! 

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Honoring cultural heritage, strengthening community and providing artistic opportunities to create positive social change.


 Full-inclusion projects featuring artists with special needs and empowering artists with all abilities.

Young Couples

RTC is committed to creating opportunities for BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ artists in our programs & shows.

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RTC & FTA Productions have hosted a series of Social Justice Art projects promoting social

awareness through art. 

Black and Yellow Girl Hiphop Style Dance

Choreography class with Kim Navarro. Be a star in your own virtual show!


Special workshops and master classes with working artists and directors.


Fun stories and industry insight with the one and only, Karen Kresge! 

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Enjoy a Private virtual performance class with your friends! Contact us to book!

Introducing Redwood Theatre Company! 
What are we? 
Redwood Theatre Company is a performance venue that can be rented out by local artists for $50.00 an hour or $250 per day! 
Our goal is to put together seasons based on Project Proposals submitted by the community. To get involved, simply submit a Project Proposal Form via email.
Please Submit your Completed Project Proposal Form to

RTC Promo Videos

"A Few Good Men" 

Teaser Trailer

"Farragut North"

Teaser Trailer

"The FARCE Awakens"

Teaser Trailer

"Twelve Angry Jurors" 

Teaser Trailer

"As You Like It"

Teaser Trailer

"It's a Wonderful Life"

Teaser Trailer

"Put on a Happy Face"

Teaser Trailer

RTC Company

Teaser Trailer


Ice skating shows featuring professional skaters & world competitors.


 Stretching both bodies & imaginations to create a joyous performance  experience!


Fun virtual skating shows on artificial ice at the RTC Studio in Healdsburg.


Meet the RITC cast of professional figure skaters & world competitors.


Featuring professional ice skating, dancing and music on our synthetic ice stage.

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Meet the Redwood Ice Theatre Company directors, crew and honorary members.

Plastic Ice Practice


Lean To Skate Workshops on the Winter Lights Outdoor Synthetic Ice Rink. Dec 28-30



Teaching performance techniques and basic skating skills outdoors on synthetic ice panels. 1- 3 hrs. Ages 5 - 12


RTC performance camps  feature a variety of different performance styles including singing, acting & dancing!

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Honoring cultural heritage, strengthening community & providing arts opportunities to create positive social change.

RTC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing professional productions and education programs to Sonoma County. RTC is a Latinx /  Woman-owned business committed to DEI values. 

Redwood Theatre Company produces quality performance by inviting exceptional talent, working with a diverse production team and upholding professional standards for our artists and staff. 

Redwood Theatre Company hopes to grow an inclusive arts and culture center, welcoming working artists throughout the Sonoma County to develop their craft and share their gifts with the community. RTC also works in partnership with the SOL Club Community outreach program, providing arts opportunities to underserved youth.

Bringing Professional Productions & Arts Opportunities to the Community!


Meet the Redwood Theatre Company resident Program Directors 

Headshot - Carmen Maria Mitchell.JPG

Carmen Maria Mitchell

Founder & Director


Joseph Favalora

Chief Choreographer


Lisa Navarro

Artistic Director

Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at

Marcus Ward

Media Director


Adele Davalos Mitchell

SOL Club Director

Kim Navarro.jpg

Kim Navarro

Ice Skating Director

Learn about RTC's other guest and resident directors and collaborators....

More RTC News & Events

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