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Social Justice Art Projects

Redwood Theatre Company

FTA Productions Social Justice Art Series

Dance Videos

Sponsored Art Projects 

Sponsoring special projects featuring local artists, up-and-coming arts workers, and community leaders!

Creating inclusive opportunities for BIPOC artists to perform and create while building a platform to share powerful new pieces.  


Interview Projects

Presenting a music video & interview project featuring a group of friends from the QTBIPOC community discussing how patriotic symbols are often associated with oppression, their conflicting feelings towards our flag and a hope for the future. 

Pop-up Photo Booth Series

Pop-up Photo Booth Series 

FTA Productions Protest Art Series

We believe that there is no "right" way to protest. As a group of artist, we were inspired to create a form of protest that felt organic and authentic to us. The definition of "Art" is to hold a mirror up to humanity. Art is a reflection of society. Which means Art is often controversial.

Our mission is to create community engagement and social awareness through art.


Documentary Series

Documentary Series

FTA Productions presents a documentary series featuring inspirational stories that highlight social justice projects, historical community landmarks and community engagement organizations. 


Education Project for adults with Developmental Disabilities

RTC works in partnership with the North Bay Regional Center to create a new educational program for people with Developmental Disabilities about Social Relationships and Safety.

Through funding from the Mental Health Services Act and in partnership with the Department of Developmental Services, North Bay Regional Center is working on an exciting new project, The Social-Sexual Education Project! This Project is designed to teach people with developmental disabilities about healthy and safe relationships and how to recognize sexual abuse and coercion.

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