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Redwood Theatre Company is thrilled to be working in partnership with Kimzin Creative and THTR Productions to produce a series of immersive, theatrical experiences in the heart of wine country.
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Wine Country Entertainment 

This new collaboration brings a New York Broadway flare to the gorgeous estates and venues in Sonoma County and Napa Valley. 

Amidst the rolling vineyards and picturesque landscapes of the renowned wine country, surrounded by all of the best wine and acclaimed food you can imagine, CollabWERKS events are sure to be an unforgettable occasion! 
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Jackson Family Wines presents “Bottles & Broadway”

CollabWERKS is excited to announce their first debut production series, presented by Jackson Family Wines at the beautiful La Crema winery estate.

Join us for Bottles and Broadway: A theatrical wine tasting experience for an intimate two-part concert series on the Pavilion lawn at Richard’s Grove. Experience an afternoon of sips and songs with beloved show-tunes sung by some of the biggest names on Broadway.

Bring your lawn chairs and picnic baskets, grab a bite from our food trucks, and raise your glass as we give our regards to Broadway! 
KJ Wine Contry Conerts

Coming Soon...

CollabWERKS is building a theatrical experience that combines the artistry of Broadway with the allure of nightlife, all set within the vineyard-draped landscapes of the wine country. Audiences are invited to immerse themselves in an experience where captivating narratives, mesmerizing choreography, and sensational musical compositions unfold under the vast expanse of the open sky.
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Meet the Team

Meet The Team
Introducing the CollabWERKS partnership between Kimzin Creative, Redwood Theatre Company and THTR Productions. A new collaboration of visionary producers, innovative directors, and dazzling Broadway performers, fusing their creative energies to craft an unparalleled experience that will leave audiences feeling transported. 


At the core of this collaboration is a group of friends and artistic colleagues who have joined forces to create something groundbreaking and electrifying for the Sonoma & Napa Valley audiences. 


Nikko Kimzin

Founder & Director

Kimzin Creative

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Danny Gorman

Artistic Director

THTR Productions


Jeremy Greenbaum

Broadway Actor

Copywriter and Brand-builder 

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Ken Urso

Executive Producer 

THTR Productions


Carmen Maria

Founder & Director

Redwood Thetare Company 


Daniel Gutierrez 

Executive Director of Events
THTR Productions

Learn More

THTR Productions

THTR is a new theatre and production company in Sonoma County that explores the untapped intersection between nightlife and live theatre. THTR offers a range of services including theatrical productions, specialized personal events, master classes, concerts and more to create a transformational cultural experience in the heart of wine country.

Kimzin Creative

Artist Led. Joy Centered. Community Created. Kimzin Creative works with arts-centered organizations to create cultural and policy shifts to support greater equitable, diverse, and inclusive practices through arts education & programing, arts and equity consulting and creative producing.

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